The Vocational Education and Training in Albania is finally getting a deserved attention for its role and responsibilities. It is also getting pertinent consideration from all partners, VET providers and beneficiaries. This newly derived attention needs adequate institutional response. Starting from the 1st of March 2007, this response is coming from the newest VET institution in Albania; the National Vocational Education and Training Agency. Establishment of the NVETA is based on the Council of Minister’s decision no. 273/2006 and it will perform most of the institutional duties related to VET, including frame-curricula, occupational lists and standards, assessment and certification for students, accreditation for VET providers,etc.
This Agency’s aim is to provide a further development of VET in Albania, mainly with regard to institutionalisation and quality assurance on the system.
NVETA will have to deal with many droughts currently going on the VET system, which is still facing problems of collaboration and effective partnership. The National VET Agency will make every effort to overpass these barriers and to ensure a better social dialogue in all levels. Our aim is to brace the development and implementation of VET programs; to guarantee integration of the VET by bonding it to the life long learning process.
We are all aware that it will be a responsibility as well as a big professional challenge for the NVETA’s staff to ensure the development of VET in Albania according to European standards. However, we will be glad, ready and pleased to undertake our mission by providing transparency in our work and an all-together aspiration to bring VET in Albania to the next level, by insuring a better VET quality for us all.

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